The Audio Engineer

Serving clients in Davidson, NC, the United States, and abroad, Pat Graham Crowe has over 10 years of hands-on experience in the field of audio engineering. Specializing in recording work with classical musicians, Pat is highly sought after as a audio/video engineer for live concerts, solo albums, audio/video marketing, and his ability to remaster and salvage damaged or poorly recorded audio/video materials, through the use of skilled audio/video restoration and remastering techniques.  If you think your digital recording is unfixable, you can rest assured that chances are, Mr. Crowe has already remastered a recording in worse shape.

A classically-trained musician with a Master of Music degree in Organ Performance, Pat is an audio engineer that is intimately acquainted with the needs, artistic intentions, and concept of sound desired by professional classical musicians. A specialist in organ, piano, choral, and voice, Pat’s goal is not merely to make a recording, but to translate and mold the science of audio engineering into an art form.  With a portfolio including work with churches, academic institutions, solo musicians, choral societies, and more, you can be sure that Pat is the proven audio technician and engineer for your audio recording needs. Contact Pat today for a free 30-minute consultation!

Audio Engineer's Bow Tie

Audio Engineering Services

Recording: Live Concerts (Audio/Video), Private Sessions, Professional Quality Audition Recordings, Video Ads & Public Service Announcements, etc…

Audio/Video Editing: Mastering, Mastering of Material Recorded by 3rd Parties, Audio Remastering of Old Recordings, Mistake Correction, Analog to Digital Conversion & Restoration of Obsolete Audio Formats “Cassette, LP, etc…”,

Marketing and Production: Short Run and Mass-Production of Compact Disks, design of CD case artwork, social media campaigns for new albums, distribution on online platforms such as iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/YouTube, and more.

Remastering, Editing, and Restoration Services for Pre-Existing Recordings

Pat offers audio/video mastering, repair, and restoration services for pre-existing recordings.  Transform amateur quality into professional quality — contact Pat for a free 30 minute consultation.

Can Pat Help?  Situations Commonly Tackled by Mr. Pat…

Did the recording with your portable recorder not turn out as you had hoped? Does the in-house recording sound dull, and narrow?  Did someone maul the quality of your only recording of a cherished performance or event? Was that baritone just a bit too loud for the entire performance? Do you have a recording of a perfect performance, minus one note? Have others deemed your recording as “unfixable?” Is your ox in the ditch?  Well rest assured, whether you need your recording to be miraculously fixed, or a professional to do it right the first time, Mr. Crowe is here to help! Contact Pat today for a free 30-minute consultation.

Digital Organ Technology

Digital organ technology has immense potential. Sadly, that potential is rarely realized to full-fruition. As any good organist will attest, bad digital organs are as plentiful as they are uninspiring and lifeless to play. As a performing organist, and lover of fine pipe organs, Pat knew that as an increasing trend since the early 20th century, bad electronic organs were not going away.  But audio engineer, he knew that something could be done, to develop cost-effective methods to transform subpar digital organs into true musical instruments.

In many digital organs, results are hit or miss, because crucial aspects of sound production are based on guesswork — a mere attempt to recreate the original sounds recorded. Countless factors affect the accuracy of sound production in any digital organ installation, leaving guesswork to produce vastly inconsistent results. The only answer to improve digital organs is through a marriage of musical artistry, time-tested science, and audio engineering expertise.

When Pat Crowe is hired to renovate an existing digital organ, or optimize a Hauptwerk/GrandOrgue instrument, he uses time-tested scientific methodology with scientific-grade measurement equipement to ensure that he attains the highest level of accuracy possible from your existing speaker system.

Digital Organ Services:  Setup, Optimization, and Consultation Services for New Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue Instruments; In-Depth Voicing of Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue, and Rodgers instruments; Professional Speaker Calibration, Professional Digital Organ Console Conversion Services for Hauptwerk/GrandOrgue (including Allen consoles), Console Upgrades, High Definition Organ Sampling Service for GrandOrgue/Hauptwerk (Choose a Pipe Rank in any Organ, and Pat Will Sample It for Use In GrandOrgue or Hauptwerk), and more.

Room Acoustics Analysis and EQ Calibration

Mr. Crowe is proud to provide a exciting new acoustical analysis service for consumer and professional clients!  Mr. Crowe is one of a small number of audio engineers in the Southwest that provides acoustical testing services and raw data for consumer clients, home theaters, houses of worship, architects, acousticians, professional audio installers, and scientists.

Services: Acoustical analysis, room EQ calibration, dB level readings, speaker calibration, and more.

Why? Accurate acoustical analysis data is invaluable for giving insight into the acoustical traits of any room, informing methods of acoustical correction through methods such as acoustical treatment and EQ compensation.

Benefits: Acoustical analysis allows Mr. Crowe to offer Digital Room EQ calibration of existing sound systems, to compensate for acoustical traits of any given room. This is invaluable for common situations where where traditional acoustical treatment methods are prohibitory.  Professional EQ calibration is the best way to take any sound system from good to spectacular, especially for sound systems in home theaters, houses of worship, digital organs, auditoriums, and more.

How?  This service uses laboratory-calibrated microphones and advanced software to generate data for acoustical analysis by trained professionals, allowing for room frequency response correction through room modification, digital EQ calibration, and digital frequency time-domain correction — altering the arrival time of different frequencies to a given area of a room.

For more information, please contact Pat for a free 30-minute consultation.

Audio Down Pat™ — On-Site Recording Services

Flat-Rate Recording Packages

NOTE: Packages are available to large ensembles on a case-by-case basis.  Likewise, special pricing may be available for students and non-profit organizations, on a case-by-case basis.  Contact Pat today for a free quote!

1-2 Hour Solo Recital (Audio)
350 USD


  • Equipment Setup and teardown (1-2 hours)
  • The highest audio sample rate commercially available — 192 kHz, 24-bit
  • Copies of digital files
  • 1 Compact Disk (Upon Request)
  • 1-2 hours of expert audio editing/mastering

Additional Editing (Projects with Audio and/or Video)
75 USD Per Hour

1-2 Hour Solo Recital (Audio/Video)
450 USD


  • Setup and teardown time (1-2 hours)
  • The highest audio sample rate commercially available — 192 kHz, 24-bit
  • Up to 3 Cameras (depending on situation, at engineers discretion), 4K and HD quality available.
  • Copy of digital files, optimized for upload to YouTube
  • 1-2 hours of expert audio/video editing

Crowd-Sourced Funding Package

In an age where crowd-source funding is rapidly growing in popularity, Pat’s audio recording packages with crowd-source funding are a popular option for medium-large ensembles.  Organizations can choose to fund projects entirely by CD sales, or partially, to help offset costs.  For an ensemble ordering 30 CDs, the cost could amount to only a mere $15 per CD.  Pricing is quoted on a case-by-case basis, based on industry rates.  Contact Pat today for a free 30-minute consultation.

Hourly Rates

(2 Hours Minimum, including setup and teardown)

Live Audio Recording Services

75 USD Per Hour

Editing (Projects with Audio and Video) 

75 USD Per Hour

Live Audio/Video Recording Services

125 Per Hour — Up to 3 Cameras, 4K and HD quality available.

Audio/Video Syncing Services

59.99 USD per each hour of video

Coming soon!

Coming soon!